Document Management

Retrieval services aim to maximise the usefulness of your physical records. As soon as you request a document it will come to your desk immediately. MAD DOG’s retrievals’ department has organized its services around easy and quick client access onto the records management system so you can locate required documents. Once you locate files needed and log your request through the system, we deliver them to your premises.

Retrieval services are quick, convenient, efficient and secure. Through our services your organization is better placed to enforce strict access and retrievals rights to authorized users only. You become better equiped to protect sensitive and / or confidential information.

These services are particularly pertinent to organizations with large volumes of daily retrievals of records that also need to be updated and maintained (such as banks, insurance companies, health care providers, etc.) MAD DOG offers such clients accessibility, total control, optimization of related operational costs and improvement of overall records’ value.

  • Daily or weekly delivery and receipt of records from your premises at pre-arranged hours
  • Interim (urgent) retrieval and delivery of records whenever you may require them
  • Continuous tracking of records that you have recalled and reminders to receive them back whenever you no longer require them
  • Classification and updating in a commonly agreed manner in the detail that you require
  • Data entry of new records received onto MAD DOG’s records management system within the timeframe agreed, so that your records are always updated
  • Multiple user access onto your account with rights that you determine and control
  • Continuous and updated reporting of your account
  • Follow up of your records’ age and maintenance period with reporting indicating records that may be destroyed. 



REISSWOLF HELLAS is the leading company specializing in confidential data destruction and the environmentally friendly disposal of destroyed materials in Greece. Confidential data concerns either personal data and/or classified company data in whatever form they may be available (printed, CD, DVD, tapes, hard disks, credit cards,... Read more ›


Our mission statement is to provide b2b clients with total, integrated solutions for physical and electronic records storage and management that are secure, state-of-the-art, efficient, cost effective and provide organizational value.

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MAD DOG is the only company in its sector in Greece certified according to 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment) and 27001 (info security) ISO certifications

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