Digital Storage & Management

Scanning services aim to provide you with digitizing (therefore having available in electronic form) physical documents. Scanning services are performed swiftly with value-for-money and security as prime considerations. For MAD DOG such services are a natural extension of our physical storage and retrievals’ services and help us to become a partner that offers you integrated, cost-effective solutions for your overall records’ retention strategy.

Scanning services include the following:

On-Demand Scanning: whereby we scan the physical records that you request and deliver the result to you in CD or DVD. We can also manage your digital records by uploading them onto your account and allow the users that you authorize to access this information.

Per-Project Scanning: whereby big volumes of records that need to be scanned as a project, either on one-off or on a continuous basis, are processed. Per-project scanning is planned around a timeline that is suitable for the project including turnaround and completion SLAs.

IN.AR.MA (Integrated Archiving Management System) is a web based platform that comprises of (a) a document management system that can add to your IT components without any changes in your IT structure, and (b) MAD DOG’s records management platform. In essence it allows for the creation of electronic files that may include scanned documents and/or electronic records that you already produce/receive (such as faxes, emails, systems produced records, etc.)

We aim to provide IN.AR.MA clients with a very affordable document management solution that provides users with integrated electronic files that connect scanned and electronic records in one file containing all information.

Furthermore, IN.AR.MA is connected with MAD DOG’s records management system thus allowing users to have fully integrated management of their electronic and physical records from front-end to back-office.


REISSWOLF HELLAS is the leading company specializing in confidential data destruction and the environmentally friendly disposal of destroyed materials in Greece. Confidential data concerns either personal data and/or classified company data in whatever form they may be available (printed, CD, DVD, tapes, hard disks, credit cards,... Read more ›


Our mission statement is to provide b2b clients with total, integrated solutions for physical and electronic records storage and management that are secure, state-of-the-art, efficient, cost effective and provide organizational value.

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